Grillo sees movement's end when citizens governing

Refutes anti-euro accusations in Time interview

Grillo sees movement's end when citizens governing

Rome, March 7 - Beppe Grillo, the founder of the 5-Star Movement (M5S) which has emerged as the potential kingmaker following inconclusive Italian elections last month, said in an interview with Time Magazine that he sees his movement naturally extinguishing itself when 100% of the parliament is in the hands of Italy's citizens. "We want 100% of the parliament, not 20%, 25%, or 30%: when the movement reaches 100%, when the citizens become the state, the movement will no longer need to exist. The objective is to extinguish ourselves," Grillo said in the interview. Grillo also answered questions about his position on Italy's participation in the euro. Often labeled hostile to the euro, after he calling for Italy's withdrawal from the 17-nation single-currency block, Grillo hit back saying: "I never said I wanted to be (either) in or out of the euro, but that I want correct information". The comedian-turned-politician said that he wanted a "plan B for (Italy's) survival over the next 10 years, and then with a referendum we decide" our position on the euro. However, before taking any actions, the head of the 5-Star Movement pointed out that it is necessary to get correct information: "let's try to understand the costs and benefits". Responding to his critics, who have accused him of being anti-European, Grillo said that just talking about leaving the euro is enough to get one labeled "crazy. There is no dialog. Simply suggesting it you are demagogic, crazy, you want to drag Italy into default, you're irresponsible". Grillo reiterated in the interview that his movement in parliament would not make nor seek any alliance with any other party. "There's a rule in our movement. We don't make deals with the parties. Whoever joins our movement signs onto this rule. There is nothing to decide". He also sought to draw parallels between the difficulties of governing in Italy with the situation in the United States. "If Barack Obama were capable of carrying out 5% of what he says, he would be great. But even he is imprisoned in a system. The art of compromise, which was the art of politics, is no longer valid. Compromise has to be between the citizens, not between Republicans and Democrats".

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