Operation against Casalesi family busts 17 people

Evidence found of planned attack against two Carabinieri offices

Operation against Casalesi family busts 17 people

Caserta, March 7 - Units of Italy's Carabinieri police on Thursday morning arrested 17 people in and around the southern city of Caserta following a sting operation against the Casalesi clan from the Camorra crime syndicate. As part of the operation - which knocked out the leadership of a branch of the Casalesi crime family - police filed a series of charges, including extortion against local businesses and illegal possession of fire arms and explosives. According to initial reports, the group was planning to carry out attacks against two Carabinieri stations in the area. The operation was carried out with the help of local businessmen who reported the extortion activities. The investigations that led to Thursday's arrests had been underway for three years. Among assets seized by the police is a betting hall.

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