Moscovici sees Italy's PD forming stable, pro-EU govt

French foreign minister say vote was 'anti-crisis'

Moscovici sees Italy's PD forming stable, pro-EU govt

(see related stories) Brussels, March 7 - French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici on Thursday expressed confidence that the leader of Italy's Democratic Party (PD) would successfully create a new government and bring stability to Italy. ''I have faith (in Pier Luigi Bersani's ability) to find a formula to go towards political stability in Italy, while conserving European ideals at the same time,'' Moscovici said during a press conference at the European Parliament. Separately, Moscovici said he was convinced Italy's election result - which ended with a strong showing for the anti-establishment and anti-austerity 5-Star Movement - was ''more an anti-crisis vote than an anti-Europe vote''. The French minister also said that the vote demonstrated that, when faced with strong austerity, it is important to ''always offer the prospect of hope to our peoples''.

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