Three dead including shooter in Umbria govt office spree

Region had revoked status of parents' training firm

Three dead including shooter in Umbria govt office spree

Perugia, March 6 - A gunman killed two female staffers in the Umbria regional government offices in the centre of the medieval city of Perugia before killing himself Wednesday, police in the central Italian regional capital said. One woman was killed immediately and the other died soon after from her wounds, they said. The victims were identified as Daniela Crispotti, 46, a temp, and Margherita Peccati, 61, approaching retirement. The shooter, 43-year-old small businessman Andrea Zampi, flung papers onto the women's desks before shooting them with a semi-automatic weapon. They included a will, religious messages to his parents and a statement saying he acted out of frustration after the regional government revoked the accreditation of his parents' training firm. Interviewed by chance on Italian state TV in December, Zampi said "I'm finished" after complaining that 160,000 euros of regional funding had been withheld. Perugia Mayor Vladimiro Boccali said: "It's a huge tragedy, fruit of a horrible climate linked to the current economic situation".

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