Bersani tells Grillo he must say what he wants

Centre-left will not let itself be used as 'target'

Bersani tells Grillo he must say what he wants

(see related stories) Rome, March 6 - Centre-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani told 5-Star Movement leader Beppe Grillo that he must say what he wants to do to break out of Italy's political deadlock. Grillo's anti-establishment movement holds the balance of power in parliament after Italy's inconclusive general election but the former comedian has said he will not vote confidence in an administration led by Bersani or any other established party. "Everyone must take their responsibilities," Bersani told a meeting of senior party officials. "Even he who had the support of eight million voters and who has chosen the parliamentary path must say what he wants to do," he added, referring to Grillo. Bersani said he would not accept a "spurious agreement" and said his Democratic Party would not allow itself to be used as a target.

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