Grillo says MPS won't back technocrats

Monti admin was 'most political in post-war period'

Grillo says MPS won't back technocrats

(see related stories) Rome, March 5 - Beppe Grillo on Tuesday ruled out the prospect of his 5-Star Movement (M5S) supporting a technocrat government to overcome the impasse after Italy's election failed to produce a winner. "The M5S will not vote confidence in a technocrat government, I never said it would," the former comedian wrote on his blog. Grillo also criticised the record of outgoing Premier Mario Monti's technocrat government which, among other things, changed Italy's labour laws to make it easier for firms to fire workers. "The Monti government has been the most political of the post-war period," he said. "Before no one had ever questioned Article 18 (of the 1970 worker statute) that defends workers".

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