'No favourites' among cardinals gathering for conclave

New pope must be a man of god, 'not technocrat', says Vallejo

'No favourites' among cardinals gathering for conclave

Rome, March 4 - A Spanish cardinal said Monday that the Catholic Church needs a man of God, not an administrator, as its new leader. "The new pope must be a man of God.... not a technocrat," Carlos Amigo Vallejo, archbishop emeritus of Seville, said Monday as he and his peers gathered in Rome to prepare to elect a new pope. "There are no favourites," he added. "Everything is possible and nothing is sure". Vallejo spoke only days after Benedict XVI stepped down as pontiff last week, meaning conclave will be needed to elect his successor. Cardinals are meeting this week to get a feel for the potential candidates and set a date for the election to begin. Vallejo said the media has been clamouring for a certain kind of pope, elected at a quickly, but cardinals should ignore that outside pressure.

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