Bersani says PD takes stock with 'humility' of vote result

Centre-left leader opens door to meeting Grillo reps

Bersani says PD takes stock with 'humility' of vote result

Rome, February 26 - The leader of Italy's Democratic Party (PD), long tipped to lead a centre-left coalition to victory in February 24-25 national elections, on Tuesday said his party had to take stock with ''humility'' of the party's failure to secure a majority in the Senate, leaving a hung parliament. ''For us it is a matter of taking stock, with simplicity, awareness and humility of the results of the elections, repeating our willingness to be useful to the country,'' Pier Luigi Bersani said. ''These elections have assigned us a greater responsibility: we are the majority coalition in the Chamber (lower house) and the largest coalition in the Senate,'' Bersani said during a press conference. The PD leader meanwhile left the door open to meeting with rabble-rousing comedian Beppe Grillo's Five-Star Movement's new parliamentary representatives, but only after the new parliament convenes. ''I am waiting for the parliament to convene, later there will be the conditions to meet,'' Bersani said. However, Bersani was critical of the Movement's self-proclaimed ideology that its representatives will sit in parliament and lend support to only those policies that they approve. Bersani said that governments don't work that way. The PD leader said that government works on the basis of parliamentary support overall, not on an issue-by-issue basis: ''This is our constitution. Whoever comes into parliament has to deal with our constitution and take his responsibility.''

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