Centre-left leader says Italian situation 'very delicate'

Bersani takes majority in House, but no clear winner in Senate

Centre-left leader says Italian situation 'very delicate'

Rome, February 25 - Centre-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani said Italy was faced with a delicate situation after his alliance failed to win a working majority in parliament. The centre left won outright control of the House, even though it only had 124,407 votes more (0.36%) than Silvio Berlusconi's centre right, thanks to the allocation of bonus seats that goes to the winning alliance. But it had only 119 seats in the Senate, with a handful of seats still to be assigned on Tuesday, compared to 117 for the centre right. Both blocs are distant from the magic number of 158 needed to have a working majority in the Upper House. "The centre left won in the House and it did in the Senate too in terms of the number of votes," Bersani said. "It's obvious to everyone that a very delicate situation has developed for the country. "We will manage the responsibilities that these elections have given us in the interests of Italy".

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