Voter turnout falls from 2008

75.41% to 81%

Voter turnout falls from 2008

Rome, February 25 - Voter turnout in the Italian general election is trending above 75%, which is still well below average, according to data released soon after polls closed Monday afternoon. Turnout for the two-day vote, which began Sunday, was running at 75.41% for the lower house, with less than two-thirds of results in. In the previous election in 2008, about 81.03% of eligible voters cast their ballots. In the Senate vote, turnout was slightly lower, at about 74.47%, below the 80.77% figure from 2008. Early results were very similar in regional balloting, conducted at the same time as the general election. In the regions of Lombardy, Lazio and Molise, turnout by late Monday afternoon was about 74.88%, up from the 64.46% recorded in previous years. Numerous local governments, especially in the Lombardy region, have been roiled by bribery and corruption scandals in the past year. If exit polls prove correct, Italy's center left should have a working majority in parliament that will enable it to govern the country, a senior member of the alliance said Monday after early exit polls put it ahead in both houses.

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