Berlusconi confuses truth and lies says Bersani

Centre-left candidate slams tax letter 'impropriety'

Berlusconi confuses truth and lies says Bersani

Rome, February 22 - Democratic Party (PD) head and centre-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani on Friday accused his centre-right opponent of being unable to distinguish between truth and lies and denounced his pre-election promise to reimburse a contentious new property tax as ''a serious impropriety''. ''In his head (Silvio) Berlusconi makes no distinction between truth and lies,'' Bersani told state broadcaster Rai 1, adding that the consequences of a letter sent to all Italians promising a refund on the new IMU property tax paid on primary residences in 2012 were ''extremely unpleasant''. ''I have also seen people, the elderly, misunderstand... It was a major impropriety,'' he concluded. Bersani will face off against Berlusconi and his centre-right coalition in parliamentary elections on February 24 and 25. The centre-left alliance was tipped to win before a pre-election blackout on polling data two weeks ago. However a media blitz by the three-time premier and media magnate has put the centre right back into the running after months of disarray.

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