Fini says Berlusconi thinks Italians are 'saps'

'He thinks they're gullible enough to buy his property-tax plan'

Fini says Berlusconi thinks Italians are 'saps'

Rome, February 20 - Italian House Speaker Gianfranco Fini said Silvio Berlusconi's campaign platform to abolish an unpopular property tax is proof the former premier thinks that Italians are "saps". Speaking at an ANSA forum, Fini said: "Berlusconi thinks that Italians are saps, gullible enough to swallow (his promise) hook, line and sinker". In addition to abolishing the tax, which is known as IMU, Berlusconi has promised to rebate four billion euros in IMU payments thus far. Altogether Berlusconi's plan would save taxpayers eight billion euros, the three-time premier says. Fini, a former ally and now arch enemy of Berlusconi, said the plan was not feasible. "Technically you can abolish IMU, but eight billion euros is a cost that at the moment we cannot afford. It would create a deficit".

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