'Ndrangheta mafia member arrested in Germany

Davide Sestito at large since 2011

'Ndrangheta mafia member arrested in Germany

Catanzaro, February 19 - Italian police in Germany arrested alleged 'Ndrangheta mafia member Davide Sestito, accused of murder and at large since 2011. Police believe he is a key figure in the Sia-Procopio-Tripodi clan coalition. Sestito escaped arrest during 2011 roundups dubbed Operation Showdown when 40 members of the Calabrian crime syndicate were captured. 'Ndrangheta, whose name means 'virtue' or 'heroism' in a dialectical form of ancient Greek, once dealt mainly in kidnappings and extortion and fed off the pickings of public tenders, living in the shadow of its Sicilian cousin. But it has since expanded throughout Italy, northern Europe and other countries, where it invests its huge drugs profits.

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