Terzi stresses safety of hostages held in Nigeria

Seven foreigners, including an Italian, seized

Terzi stresses safety of hostages held in Nigeria

Brussels, February 18 - Italian Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi said on Monday that safety of the the hostages was Italy's top priority in dealing with the kidnapping of group of technicians in Nigeria that took place over the weekend. Armed assailants killed a security guard and kidnapped seven foreigners in northern Nigerian offices of the Lebanese construction company Jama. An Italian - Silvano Trevisan, 69 - along with a British, a Greek, and four Lebanese citizens were seized. Terzi's vocal worry over the hostages' safety comes after the killing a year ago of an Italian hostage in northwestern Nigeria during a failed rescue attempt by British forces. Last March, abductors murdered Franco Lamolinara, a 47-year-old engineer, as well as British hostage Christopher McManus, who had been seized more nine months earlier, in May 2011. "We are following the situation with the Nigerian authorities and with other countries, in particular with the Greek and British foreign ministers," Terzi added on Monday, speaking from the European Commission headquarters in Brussels. "We do not have direct news following the moment of the abduction, but we are giving our maximum attention with all the State entities that deal with such events," said Terzi.

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