One Billion Rising calls for end to violence against women

Worldwide movement honored in throughout Italy

One Billion Rising calls for end to violence against women

Rome, February 14 - The one-year international campaign calling for the end to violence against women known as One Million Rising, culminated on Thursday around the world with strikes, flash mobs, protests and dances. In Italy, women and men met at monuments, city squares and sites throughout the country, joining in with the more than 200 countries, 5,000 associations, innumerable NGOs and well-known personalities. "One in three women, that's one billion, will be beaten or raped during her lifetime," said campaign organizer Eve Ensler, creator of the The Vagina Monologues. "February 14, 2013, will change the world, not because it is a day of magic, although there are indeed mystical elements surrounding this campaign. It will change the world because the preparation for it and organising for it has already created an energetic wind or wave igniting existing efforts to end violence against women," Ensler writes on the movements website Italian supporters of the campaign remembered female victims of violence in their country. Tragically, on Thursday a woman who was first run down and then set on fire by her husband, died in Naples after three days of agony. Giuseppina Di Fraia, 52, was attacked on Monday by her husband, 51-year-old Vincenzo Carnevale, who already a police record. On January 25, a 47-year-old Albanian Donika Xhafa was killed, shot dead by her ex-partner Raffaele Vorraro, reportedly after refusing to reconcile their relationship after a three-year separation Of all the women murdered in Italy between 2000 and 2011, a total of 1,459 or 70.8% were killed by a partner, an ex-partner or a lover - a number that also remains largely consistent year by year - said the study entitled "Femicide in Italy in the last decade," published in December.

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