Economic crisis leads Italians to cut back health spending

Some two million older people can’t afford treatments, dru

Economic crisis leads Italians to cut back health spending

Rome, February 14 - Some two million Italians over the age of 65 have cut back spending on medicines and treatments that are not reimbursable under Italy's national health service as the economic crisis bites ever harder. According to new research published by Censis and based on figures previously presented in mid-2012, some nine million Italians chose not to see a specialist or take diagnostic tests for economic reasons. Other figures revealed how some 40% of older Italians chose to abandon taking prescribed tests due to lengthy waiting periods in public institutions whereas in "better" economic times whey would have sought assistance from the private sector and paid the difference out of their own pockets. According to the data, some 40% of families of low socio-economic status renounced health services, the largest single cluster.

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