Court refuses annulment for marriage due to 'unnatural' sex

Woman claims husband prefers deviant sexual relations

Court refuses annulment for marriage due to 'unnatural' sex

Rome, February 12 - Italy's Cassation Court on Tuesday turned down an appeal by a woman asking for her marriage to be annulled because of her husband's insistence she have "unnatural" sexual relations. The woman previously turned to an appeals court in the Marche city of Ascoli Piceno on the basis that she did not want a separation or divorce, but a complete annulment of the marriage that she says was based on false pretenses. The couple, married in 1996, had not had premarital sex. After their wedding, the woman claims she discovered her husband's deviant sexual behaviour. The court ruled that an annulment could be issued only in the case of "insurmountable" factors such as "transsexualism" or complete impotence.

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