Di Pietro says his IdV party raised MPS alarm 'long ago'

Tells ANSA forum 'Bersani snubbed alliance offer'

Di Pietro says his IdV party raised MPS alarm 'long ago'

Rome, February 7 - Antonio Di Pietro, head of the Italy of Values (IdV) party, on Thursday said his anti-corruption party had long ago reported irregularities at troubled Italian lender MPS in both the House and Senate hearings and said that there are "institutional responsibilities which must be revealed and denounced". In an open forum held at ANSA earlier, Di Pietro spoke on various topics, including the unfolding MPS scandal, the Italian presidency and upcoming elections. Answering a question on the MPS case, Di Pietro said how in his days as a public prosecutor, when he gained fame during the "Bribesville" scandals, bribes were paid "with cash hidden in rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom". Nowadays, Di Pietro said, "there is the broker who gets a commission because he is trading and gets his royalties. But it's always 5%, it's always a bribe" even though it has been "cleansed" from its association with crime. With reference to the February 24 vote, Di Pietro said he had written to the head of the Democratic Party (PD), Pier Luigi Bersani, to offer an alliance but never got a response. "I made a written offer to make a left-leaning coalition, but never got an answer from Bersani," Di Pietro said while speaking at an ANSA forum. Responding to another question, Di Pietro said that he would be "very happy" to see a woman elected to Italy's presidency. "I would be happy to vote for a woman as president of the Republic, but I wouldn't vote for her only because she is a woman, rather on the basis of her personal and political history and for the prestige she would be able to give the institution". In Italy, the largely ceremonial president is elected every seven years by the parliament.

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