Pope warns of risks of marginalizing 'fragile' young

Pontiff blames political and economic instability

Pope warns of risks of marginalizing 'fragile' young

Rome, February 7 - Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday said the Catholic Church believes in the potential of the world's young people but warned of the risks of youth marginalization due to the ''increasing difficulties'' in the work sphere. In comments made during a plenary session of the Pontifical Culture Council, the pope said that political and economic instability were making it increasingly hard for the young to find jobs, increasing the risk of them being sidelined from society. ''The uncertainty and the fragility which characterize many young people often pushes them to the sidelines, making them almost invisible and absent from historical and cultural processes of society,'' Benedict said. A world that did not give its young a future risked having no future itself, he said. ''If the young no longer hoped and progressed, if they did not put their energies, vitality, their capacity to anticipate the future, into the historical dynamics, we would see humanity withdrawing into itself, devoid of faith and a positive attitude towards the future. ''The church has faith in the young, it hopes in them and in their energies, it needs them and their vitality to continue to live with renewed impulse the mission bestowed upon them by Christ,'' the pope said.

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