Fallen Uffizi fresco piece 'small, easily fixable'

Workers step through ceiling during maintenance

Fallen Uffizi fresco piece 'small, easily fixable'

(see previous) Florence, February 6 - A piece of a 16th-century fresco that fell from the ceiling of a corridor in Florence's Uffizi Gallery on Wednesday happened when a worker stepped through the floor from the storey above. The piece, which has a diameter of around 30cm, did not hit any visitors as it fell. The section of fresco was ornamental, and was not executed by any of the number of textbook Renaissance artists that fill the historic museum's halls, such as Michelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello. Restores are already at work. 'The portion of frescoed plaster fell off during routine maintenance on the ceiling inside the First Hall of the gallery,' said the office of the Florence museums superintendent in a statement. A worker performing maintenance on the storey above is said to have set his foot on the floor's wattle-and-daub insulation that separates the two rooms, thus causing the breakage. 'Fortunately the break was small and off-center,' said the statement. The portion of the broken fresco depicts an allegorical female figurine. 'We are trying not to spark any excessive alarmism,' said Uffizi Director Antonio Natali. 'This is light damage that will be repaired quickly. 'Restorer Laura Lucioli will put it back together in its original form, as if it were a puzzle, and the problem will be completely solved. Natali said everything should be fixed in roughly 10 days.

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