Berlusconi says center-left parties fear being overtaken

Says Premier Monti has 'no credibility' after entering politics

Berlusconi says center-left parties fear being overtaken

Rome, February 5 - Former premier and center-right political leader Silvio Berlusconi on Tuesday said his rivals are "desperate" and said current Premier Mario Monti "let me down". Speaking during an interview on the Studio Aperto news program, run by a channel he owns, Berlusconi said that leaders of Italy's left are "desperate because they thought they had victory in their hands. Instead, their program goes in the direction of continuity of the policies adopted by this government over the past 13 months," a program of increased taxes and "robber taxes for companies," Berlusconi said. "They can't see anything else but our closing in on them, we're in the passing lane". In a separate interview with TGcom24 - another Berlusconi-owned broadcaster - the media magnate and leader of the People of Freedom (PdL) party said that the government of Premier Mario Monti disappointed him. "He turned out to be a totally different person than we thought he was". Berlusconi said Monti had "no credibility" since he entered politics because he had promised to be an innovator but instead allied himself with center right and centrist leaders Gianfranco Fini and Pierferdinando Casini, "who were in parliament 30 years ago".

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