Audit court says proposed tax amnesty could bring revenues

Court cites 'intuitive and well-founded' reasons

Audit court says proposed tax amnesty could bring revenues

Rome, February 5 - Ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's call for a broad tax amnesty to bring in revenues has merit, an official of the Audit Court said Tuesday. A tax amnesty has both "intuitive and well-founded" rationale, Salvatore Nottola, attorney general of the court, told a news conference, adding that he did not want to become involved in a political debate. A tax amnesty could mean less litigation between the State and taxpayers, as well as a rapid jump in national revenues, he said. The downside is that an amnesty can mean that tax evasion is tolerated, rather than punished, said Nottola. On Monday, Berlusconi said that he favours a new tax amnesty after his last government passed a controversial one in 2009-2010 that brought home 104.5 billion euros in capital and other assets hidden abroad. "I would absolutely agree with creating tax amnesty. I have always been against the left on this," Berlusconi told the television station La7. "Absolutely yes. There is absolutely need for an amnesty. If I have a majority, it will be done". Berlusconi is campaigning for election in the national vote February 24 and 25.

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