Italian judges uphold police sentences in Aldrovandi case

Officers face jail for killing 18-year-old during routine check

Italian judges uphold police sentences in Aldrovandi case

Bologna, January 29 - Judges on Tuesday upheld jail sentences for three police officers accused of killing an 18-year-old man during a routine check in Ferrara in 2005. The three officers, Paolo Forlani, Monica Segatto and Luca Pollastri, were sentenced to three years and six months for killing Federico Aldrovandi during the night of September 25, 2005. A fourth officer, Enzo Pontani will face sentencing on February 26. The case stirred controversy, with the victim's family contesting some of the claims made by police, who said the victim attacked them violently during a routine check. According to the reports filed by the officers at the scene, Aldrovandi - who medical reports later confirmed had taken a cocktail of drugs - attacked the first two officers who stopped him while he was walking home from a club. Adlrovandi was described as being in an "evident state of agitation". When the other two officers arrived, Aldrovandi reportedly attacked them as well. During the ensuing fight, Aldrovandi was beaten into unconsciousness, and first-aid attempts to save his life failed. (photo: Aldrovandi's mother stands in front of a poster of her son)

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