Franco Gallo elected president of Constitutional Court

Expert in tributary law appointed by Ciampi in 2004

Franco Gallo elected president of Constitutional Court

Rome, January 29 - Franco Gallo, an expert in tributary law, was on Tuesday elected president of Italy's Constitutional Court. Born in Rome in 1937, Gallo served as finance minister in the technocrat government led by Carlo Azeglio Ciampi in 1993-1994. Ten years later Ciampi - then president of the republic - appointed him as a Constitutional Court judge and he became vice president of the court in December 2011. He will remain in post until September 16, 2013. The Constitutional Court consists of 15 members, of whom 5 are appointed by the head of state, 5 elected by parliament and 5 elected by the ordinary and administrative supreme courts. The 15 members then elect their own president. The court, also known as the Consulta after the building where it is based, passes judgement on controversies relating to the constitutional legitimacy of laws passed by the state and the regions, conflicts arising from the allocation of powers to the state and the regions, and charges brought against the president of the republic.

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