Italian, Eritrean scientists uncover million-year-old fossil

Fragments belong to skull of human ancestor

Italian, Eritrean scientists uncover million-year-old fossil

Milan, January 28 - An Italian-Eritrean research team has discovered skull fragments of a human ancestor dating back approximately one million years. The fossils were found at Muhuli Amo in Eritrea, which lies in the Horn of Africa, at an archaeological site where a wealth of early tools have been found. The international research team, led by paleoanthropologist Alfredo Coppa of Rome's University Sapienza, says the skull fragments belong to the same individual whose remains have been previously discovered by researchers. This time, the fossil fragments will help researchers put together a larger section of the skull. That, said Coppa, will lead to a better understanding of man's origins. "These new findings confirm conclusively that the area that we are investigating is one of the areas with the highest potential for research dealing with the origins of our species 'sapiens', whose direct ancestors appear in the region of about 400,000 years later". (photo: archive picture of a dig)

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