Michelangelo's 'Holy Family' moved to new home in Uffizi

Gallery renovated, round painting moved

Michelangelo's 'Holy Family' moved to new home in Uffizi

Florence, January 28 - Michelangelo's The Holy Family, the famous round painting that resides in the Uffizi Gallery, has found a new home in the Florence institution. The work, which has since 1952 lived in Room 25 on the second floor of the world-famous art gallery, is now the centerpiece of a new hall dedicated to Michelangelo. The new area was inaugurated Monday, partly financed by the Friends of the Gallery organization, which contributed 130,000 euros. Other painters of the same period will be exhibited there, including Fra Bartolomeo, Mariotto Albertinelli, Andrea del Sarto and Franciabigio. The tondo is believed to be one of the only panel paintings by the mature Michelangelo that has survived the centuries. It was completed in 1508 for the Florentine merchant Agnolo Donito to commemorate his marriage to Maddalena Strozzi, and remained in his family until 1594 when it became the property of the Medici clan. Eventually, it found its way to the Uffizi.

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