LIPU wildlife recovery helped over 15,000 animals in 2012

Organization hoping for more government assistance in future

LIPU wildlife recovery helped over 15,000 animals in 2012

Rome, January 28 - More than 15,000 wounded birds and animals were treated in LIPU-BirdLife rehabilitation centers throughout Italy in 2012, the organization said on Monday. Of the 15,300 animals admitted, 12,660 were birds (82%) and the rest mammals such as foxes, hedgehogs, bats, deer and hares, but also reptiles, including several species of turtles. Many injuries and traumas are caused by cars, but also accidental collisions involving buildings and wind turbines, LIPU said. "Our centers take in wild animals usually brought to us by concerned individuals who find them injured. Our objective is to try to return them to their natural habitat once they have healed," LIPU President Fulvio Mamone Capria said. Capria said that LIPU will be looking toward the new government for "recognition and funding for recovery centers" necessary for the treatment of wildlife in distress.

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