Parcel bomb sent to penitentiary chief doesn't explode

Batteries lose charge over holidays rendering device harmless

Parcel bomb sent to penitentiary chief doesn't explode

Catania, January 28 - A parcel bomb delivered to the Pagliarelli penitentiary superintendent in Palermo did not explode thanks to battery failure, Osapp Police Union Vice Secretary Mimmo Nicotra said on Monday. The superintendent discovered the bomb after returning from a several-week holiday January 22. He opened the package believing it was a union-issued yearly agenda. "Fortunately the parcel did not explode due to the length of time between when it was delivered and opened," Nicotra said. "This is a serious incident that takes Sicily back decades. The State must immediately implement prison-staff increases and improve facilities. "For now, we can thank our lucky stars, but how long will that luck last?," Nicotra said. On January 8 the European Court of Human Rights issued a sentence giving Italy one year to correct the degrading and inhumane conditions in its prisons. Penitentiary policeman and SAPPE, the union that represents prison officers, have also protested against bad prison conditions in Italy. Early January SAPPE called on the government to implement "structural reforms to a system suffering great difficulty, in order to protect those workers who are often overlooked, working quietly and discreetly".

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