Italian car sales likely contracted 25%, Federauto says

Election candidates called to say what they will do for sector

Italian car sales likely contracted 25%, Federauto says

(supercedes previous) Rome, January 25 - Italian car sales in January dropped by about 25%, according to estimates released on Friday by Italian car dealers' association Federauto. "At the moment in January we are seeing a drop in the car market of about 25%" the association said in a statement. "This is a dramatic number, which could be partially corrected by the end of the month" said Federauto Chairman Filippo Pavan Bernacchi. Pavan Bernacchi went on to add that "if the new government doesn't intervene immediately after the elections," the nation risks "an implosion of the car sales distribution system". As such, he asked the political parties contending for the Feburary 24 and February 25 general elections to "declare what they intend to do for the car making sector, if elected". Italy's car sales, down 22.5% in December, slumped 19.9% for the full year to 1.4 million units, their lowest levels since 1979.

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