Eu says Italy failed to sustain job creation in 2007-2010

Policies to curtail unemployment and create work 'insufficient'

Eu says Italy failed to sustain job creation in 2007-2010

Strasbourg, January 24 - Between 2007 and 2010 Italy did not respect its citizens' work rights, the European Council said Thursday in an annual report on human rights. In its report, the Council's European committee on social rights - which is charged with monitoring EU countries' respect of the 27 nation block's social charter - says that the Italian government's work policies over the period were "insufficient". The efforts were insufficient both in terms of fighting unemployment and in job creation and Italy did not dedicate sufficient funds to making the market more dynamic. The committee bases its observations on data supplied by government statistics agencies and by the EU's Eurostat statistics office. The committee said that while policies for job creation are not sufficient, Italy does have policies in place to guarantee equal opportunities in the workplace for women.

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