Italian authorities act against online counterfeit resellers

China-based sites selling fake Gucci, Prada face access denial

Italian authorities act against online counterfeit resellers

Rome, January 24 - Italy's antitrust authority on Thursday told online sites and they had two days' time to stop selling counterfeit goods bearing the famous brands before sanctions would apply. Italy's antitrust authorities said the two websites - based in China - had two days to take down their sites otherwise access to the sites would be forcibly blocked in Italy. In a statement, the authority said its action - deliberated on January 23 - was necessary to protect the many consumers who buy on the internet and are convinced they are paying outlet prices for original Gucci and Prada products. Italian consumer protection group Adoc says many online shoppers are conned into buying fake goods because some counterfeit sites lend the idea that they are official resellers of original goods and use pictures and other marketing materials that lend them credibility. However such sites do not offer information on warranties, which cannot be offered as the products are fake, nor any other service or official contact information.

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