Right-wing extremists arrested in Naples for attacks

'Mein Kampf read at meetings, illegal weapons, stabbings'

Right-wing extremists arrested in Naples for attacks

Naples, January 24 - Right-wing extremists were arrested in Naples and other cities Thursday for allegedly organizing street brawls and recruiting young militants to their violent anti-semitic cause. Roughly 10 people were arrested in Naples, Salerno and Latina near Rome for crimes including attacks on political adversaries in Naples squares on various occasions in the spring of 2011. Other charges included possession of illegal arms and explosives, injuring a public official, instances of stabbing and beating, and hurling Molotov cocktails at a leftist youth clubhouse. Some of the suspects were placed under house arrest, such as Emanuela Florino, the daughter of Michele Florino, a former senator from the defunct right-wing National Alliance (AN) party. "They were systematically indoctrinating young militants to hate foreigners and Jews at meetings in which, among other things, they discussed Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf," said Naples Assistant Prosecutor Rosario Cantelmo, who cited bugged recordings. Several more suspects were placed under investigation, as were the activities of the local offices of extreme-right group Casa Pound, which has been linked to many armed and bloody confrontations with leftists in recent years across the country. The group is currently campaigning for seats in parliament in national elections. The national leader of Casa Pound called the crackdown Thursday unjustified, and said it was aimed at preventing the group from "tackling the campaign with due serenity and on even footing with other parties". In any event, said Gianluca Iannone, "they will not succeed.

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