Mafia 'entrenched' in country's institutions, says Crocetta

Sicilian governor says mobsters not only in Sicily

Mafia 'entrenched' in country's institutions, says Crocetta

Rome, January 23 - Sicily Governor Rosario Crocetta said on Wednesday that the Mafia was entrenched in the country's institutions and "not only in Sicily". "Paradoxically, some Mafia members should be charged with 'external association' while other politicians are more entangled in the mob than mobsters themselves," Crocetta said speaking at an ANSA news agency forum. Anti-Mafia magistrates Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino attempted to serve a far-reaching blow to the Mafia with the introduction of 'mafia association' as a charge before they were murdered in 1992. "The State has not always been an example of transparency. In the past, ministers suspected of mafia ties have kept their positions....the higher one goes, the stronger their immunity," Crocetta said. "Moral clean-up must involve all levels of government".

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