Etna roars for first time this year

Spews ash, plumes of smoke

Etna roars for first time this year

Catania, January 23 - Etna has roared and spewed ash for the first time this year. Europe's tallest active volcano burst back into life Tuesday afternoon but calmed down early Wednesday, scientists at the National Institute of Geophysics Volcanology (INGV) in the nearby Sicilian city of Catania said. "The intense Strombolian activity from the south-east crater, with thunderous noise and the launch of pyroclastic material which fell back into the cone of the volcano, lasted from late afternoon Tuesday until 06:35 Wednesday," the INGV said. "Tremors in the internal conduits, which indicate magma rising, have returned to normal". Etna saw nine "eruptive events" last year. Its last full-blown eruption came a year ago when it belched out a plume of smoke that caused the temporary closure of Catania Airport. Scientists at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology recorded 18 eruptions of Etna in 2011.

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