Animals in Naples zoo without food in 48 hours

Edenlandia inhabitants risk starvation and staff face lay-offs

Animals in Naples zoo without food in 48 hours

Naples, January 21 - Employees at the Naples zoo in southern Italy said on Monday that if urgently needed funds for food and new owners are not found within 48 hours the zoo's animals risk starvation. Employees of Edenlandia zoo and amusement park launched an appeal saying that within 48 hours hay, fruit and all other foodstuffs for the tigers, birds, elephants and other animals will be finished. The lease for the emergency administration of Edenlandia by a trustee group after its management company Park and Leisure went belly up in 2011 expires on January 31 and if there is no agreement for the takeover of a new company, all 70 employees will be laid off and and the animals' future put at risk. "There are only a few days left for both us and the animals. We would like to know why it has gotten to this point and mostly, what is going to be done," a representative from the employees' association said. "If no solution is found, we are going to be thrown out and the animals will die of hunger".

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