Scampia says 'no' to Gomorra TV series

Posters in Camorra-ridden neighbourhood contest 'exploitation'

Scampia says 'no' to Gomorra TV series

Naples, January 18 - A local advertiser has launched a poster campaign against the filming of a television series based on Roberto Saviano's bestselling book Gomorra in the Camorra mafia-ridden Neapolitan neighbourhood of Scampia, it emerged on Friday. ''Scampia does not need television dramas. We don't want Gomorra 2'' read one of the posters displayed in various parts of the marginalised district on the initiative of Alfredo Giacometti, who is engaged in numerous social activities in the area. ''Those who exploit Naples are guilty of everything, Scampia needs everything'' read another. Naples Mayor Luigi De Magistris, Saviano, Scampia municipal President Angelo Pisani and production companies Fandango and Catteleya have been at loggerheads over shooting parts of the Sky TV series in the crime-torn district, where renewed fighting between gangs and the local camorra criminal organization is sowing violence. ''I denied authorizations because we must stop the instrumental exploitation of Naples and in particular this neighbourhood,'' said the municipality's president Angelo Pisani who has the backing of De Magistris. ''Always emphasizing the negative things, which naturally exist, resolves nothing and confirms a negative image which Scampia has to endure. This in spite of positive things that are never discussed''. Meanwhile Catteleya has said that at most only 5% of filming for the television series would involve Scampia.

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