PD overcame Porcellum law with new candidates, Bersani says

Says public-sector transparency amongst his priorities

PD overcame Porcellum law with new candidates, Bersani says

Rome, January 17 - Pierluigi Bersani, the leader of Italy's centre-left coalition that is touted as the front-runner in Italy's upcoming February general elections, on Thursday said the parties he leads would beat the current, widely criticized, electoral system by putting forth young and new candidates. Italy's current law - passed under a previous government of Silvio Berlusconi and often referred to as the Porcellum, or 'Pig's dinner' - has been widely criticised for distancing politicians from voters, who effectively cannot pick their representatives, as party leaders have the power to name candidates on so-called 'blocked lists', which are then voted on. ''This is how we have overcome the Porcellum system and this is how out parliamentary representation will change'', Bersani said, speaking at Rome's Ambra Jovinelli theatre to supporters. He was speaking whilst introducing three young PD parliament candidates - 26-year old Anna Ascani, 25-year old Enzo Lattuca, and 30-year old Valentina Paris - to the crowds during his speech. Among his policy priorities, Bersani cited job creation, money laundering, accountancy fraud, public-sector transparency, gay-union rights, gender parity and immigrant citizenship. He also vowed to repeal laws he said favoured centre-right rival and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi. The PD leader said he refused to engage in "cabaret-style" campaigning like Berlusconi and outgoing premier Mario Monti and said parties built around an individual, like those of Berlusconi and Monti, were "a tumor that make democracy inflexible, ineffective and impotent". Italy holds general elections on February 24 and 25.

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