Northern League electoral logo rejected

Berlusconi ally ticket said TreMonti

Northern League electoral logo rejected

Rome, January 15 - The interior ministry on Tuesday rejected the logo of ex-premier Silvio Berlusconi's key ally the Northern League for next month's elections, giving it 48 hours to come up with an acceptable alternative. The logo featured the name of former economy minister Giulio Tremonti, with a capital M in the middle - TreMonti - that could spur confusion for supporters of outgoing premier Mario Monti. Out of a total 219 symbols presented for inclusion on the ballot in next month's Italian elections, 169 were admitted, the ministry said. But another 34 raised objections or problems that mean they must be altered within 48 hours if they are to be included on the ballot of the vote February 24 and 25. Among the rejected symbols were those copying outgoing the logos of Monti's coalition and a group headed by magistrate Antonio Ingroia, called the Civil Revolution. And 16 other symbols were rejected due to lack of proper documentation.

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