Mafia clan planned to assassinate deputy police commissioner

Head of Caltanissetta flying squad 'shooed killers away'

Mafia clan planned to assassinate deputy police commissioner

(ANSA) – Gela, January 15 – A Mafia clan based in Gela near Caltanissetta in Sicily planned to assassinate a local deputy police commissioner, it emerged on Tuesday. The revelation came after police broke up the Alferi clan and arrested 28 people including clan leaders and associates on Monday night. Three clan members had planned to assassinate the head of the Caltanissetta flying squad, Giovanni Giudice, in the autumn of 2006 at his home in Gela, according to information provided by a former clan member turned informer, Emanuele Cascino, the boss's godson. However the deputy police chief reportedly reprimanded them from his balcony, disorienting the would-be assassins and causing them to desist. Giudice reportedly never gave much importance to the episode.

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