Search on for missing bodies dumped at Sicily cemetery

Ex-manager arrested for fraud, illegal body disposal

Search on for missing bodies dumped at Sicily cemetery

Rome, January 15 - A search is on for missing bodies dumped when staff at a cemetery in Sicily unceremoniously emptied graves to reuse the plots in a fraud scheme, authorities said Tuesday. Walter Spina, a former technical manager at the cemetery in Catania from 2006 to 2010, has been arrested and charged with fraud, forgery and illegal disposing of human remains. Three other suspects are under house arrest and police are looking for missing remains. Investigators say Spina organized invoices and payment claims for construction of new cemetery plots that were never actually created. Instead the money was pocketed and some remains were illegally removed to make space for newcomers. Spina had been fired two years ago for serious irregularities in his work, according to city officials.

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