45 implicated in Naples court documents manipulation probe

Lawyers, clerks and a police inspector among suspects

45 implicated in Naples court documents manipulation probe

Naples, January 15 - Naples prosecutors on Tuesday issued pre-trial detention orders for over two dozen people for allegedly concealing or manipulating trial documents in local courthouses in exchange for kickbacks. The suspects include four lawyers, several court clerks and a police inspector. They face possible charges of criminal association, judicial corruption, violation of the obligation of secrecy during preliminary investigations, concealment of trial documents and illegal access to computer systems. In total 45 people have been placed under investigation for their part in allegedly trying to systematically alter the course of legal proceedings against certain suspects including alleged members of the local Camorra crime syndicate. Pre-trial documents compiled by the prosecution include wire taps and video surveillance allegedly revealing agreements and the exchange of money between court clerks and lawyers at the Naples court of appeal.

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