We won't scrub 80-euro bonus, raise VAT say Salvini, Di Maio

Deputy premiers dismisses media reports on budget

We won't scrub 80-euro bonus, raise VAT say Salvini, Di Maio

Rome, August 9 - Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and Labour and Industry Minister Luigi Di Maio on Thursday dismissed media reports the government might decide not to avert a rise in VAT that is scheduled to kick in soon and could scrap an 80-euros-a-month tax bonus introduced by former centre-left premier Matteo Renzi. "The government is not thinking of taking away the 80 euros and it does not want to increase VAT," said Salvini, who is also deputy premier the leader of the rightwing League party. "I'm sorry that I have to chase after the leaks of newspapers that are clearly false and serve only to fill the dailies pages in August". Luigi Di Maio, who is deputy premier too and 5-Star Movement (M5S) leader, echoed those comments. "I don't know who made that up of the story about increasing VAT," said Di Maio, the leader of the 5-Star Movement (M5S). "Both us and the League, so the whole government, is united on the will not to increase VAT and to not put our hands in the pockets of the citizens as regards that measure". "The citizens have an advantage in that they can read the contract (of the League-5-Star Movement government) to know how things are," Di Maio had told Rtl 102.5 radio earlier in the day. "It is written that VAT must not rise despite the debt risks created by (former centre-left premiers Paolo) Gentiloni and (Matteo) Renzi with their holes in financial coverage. "VAT will not increase. We don't want to take away money, but cut waste and favouritism. "The citizens can relax because we won't put our hands in their pockets".

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