Fake party symbols filed in Italian pre-election

'This is the electoral Truman Show' says Grillo

Fake party symbols filed in Italian pre-election

Rome, January 11 - Three fake party symbols, one imitating the Five Star Movement (M5S), one mimicking outgoing Premier Mario Monti's ticket, and one purporting to be from left-wing electoral list Civil Revolution (RC) were deposited Friday at the interior ministry ahead of the upcoming national elections, eliciting a furious reaction. "This is the electoral Truman Show, saying we are indignant is an understatement," M5S leader, blogger and comedian activist Beppe Grillo thundered to reporters at a press conference. "We are determined. This doesn't end here. We're not afraid of anything, they are the ones who should be afraid if they try to exclude us". The government will verify the authenticity of the symbols on January 14-15.

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