Man arrested for raping Piacenza bartender

Romanian caught in Milan

Man arrested for raping Piacenza bartender

Piacenza, July 20 - A 34-year-old Romanian man was arrested in Milan Friday and charged with raping a female Chinese barista in Piacenza the other night. The man, who was fleeing, was identified by Piacenza Carabinieri while he was walking in the Forlanini area of the Lombard capital. The man has a criminal record and was serving a sentence for other crimes under house arrest with a permit to work by day but not by night. The man allegedly raped the cafe worker on the night between Wednesday and Thursday. The victim told the Carabinieri that her attacker had arrived in the cafe shortly before it closed and then raped her after tying her up and gagging her. The screams of the victim were heard by neighbors who called for help. The victim was hospitalized for shock. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said the man should be chemically castrated. Italy's privacy watchdog warned the media Friday not to publish details that could lead to the identification of the victim. It said it would assess news items and news services to see if they comply with the order. Sanctions would be meted out against those who break the order, it said.

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