Can't say those who provoke are right - Macron (3)

'Those who say they're stronger because they repel ship'

Can't say those who provoke are right - Macron (3)

Paris, June 13 - French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday he could not apologise for criticising Italy's hardline migrant stance in rejecting rescue ship Aquarius, saying "I can't say those who provoke are right". Macron said "who is seeking provocation? Who is saying 'I'm stronger than the democrats and I'll push away a boat I see arriving on my shores'? Let's not forget who is talking to us...We won't forget it because we too have something to do with those very same people". Macrons spoke without actually naming Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who closed Italy's ports to the Aquarius in a stand-off with Malta that ended when Spain took the ship in.

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