Reggio Calabria

Wiretaps expert arrested for 'helping 'Ndrangheta mafia'

'Transcriber systematically aided most powerful bosses'

Wiretaps expert arrested for 'helping 'Ndrangheta mafia'

Reggio Calabria, January 8 - A wiretaps expert has been arrested for allegedly aiding and abetting the Calabria-based 'Ndrangheta crime syndicate. Roberto Crocitta, hired by the State to transcribe tapped mafia phone calls, is accused of preparing false reports in an attempt to aid local crime bosses under investigation. "This is not the first time (State) experts have colluded with the 'Ndrangheta," said prosector Michele Prestipino. "This time we're dealing with a consultant who systematically aided the most powerful elements (of the 'Ndrangheta)".

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