Tarantino vows love for 'maccheroni' westerns

Cult director presents Django Unchained in Rome

Tarantino vows love for 'maccheroni' westerns

Rome, January 4 - Quentin Tarantino declared his love for Italy's B-movie 'maccheroni westerns' - the off-beat lower-budget cousins of Sergio Leone's classic spaghetti westerns - in Rome Friday as he unveiled his latest film Django Unchained, inspired by a Sergio Corbucci cult hit of the 1960s. "Maccheroni westerns, as we call them in America, are the ones I love the best because of their surrealism and the extremes they present," said the Pulp Fiction director, whose slave revenge story starring Jamie Foxx opens across Italy on January 17. Tarantino, who famously cultivates an obsession with B-movie lore, also reiterated his devotion to the better-known spaghetti westerns like Leone's 'Dollars' trilogy - and Django itself, a mainstream 1966 product starring Franco Nero that inspired a string of zanier unofficial sequels.

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