Italy's 4G frequencies released for Telecom, Vodafone, Wind

Local TV broadcasters make end-of-year deadline

Italy's 4G frequencies released for Telecom, Vodafone, Wind

(ANSA) – Rome, January 3 – The 800MHz frequencies for 4G mobile-phone services purchased at a state auction in 2011 by Telecom, Vodafone e Wind have been released by local television broadcasters and are now available for uptake by the telecom companies. The three companies were informed of the development in letters sent by the Italian industry ministry. The television companies were required to release the frequencies by the end of 2012. The state auction of the 4G frequencies raised the government 2.96 billion euros in 2011. There were other frequencies also being sold by the Italian government, but these particular ones are the most sought after because they permit extensive coverage with a limited number of repeater stations, as well as improving the speed of the Internet.

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