Grant Vallanzasca parole - observation team (4)

Former gangster has 'changed profoundly'

Grant Vallanzasca parole - observation team (4)

Milan, April 17 - Renato Vallanzasca should be granted parole, an observation and treatment team from Milan's Bollate prison has written in a report to a Milan court that will decide about whether to release the former gangster. The report said that Vallanzasca, a powerful figure in Milan's underworld in the 1970s who is serving four consecutive life sentences plus 296 years for a string of robberies, kidnappings and murders, has "changed profoundly" on an "intellectual and emotional level". It said that he would "not progress with further detention". Assistant prosecutor general Antonio Lamanna urged the court not to grant any form or parole. He said the former gangster could not regain semi-liberty, which was revoked in 2014, and could not be released on parole. Vallanzasca, 67, inspired a 2010 movie directed by Michele Placido and starring Kim Rossi Stuart.

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