Brazilian judge takes passport off Battisti (3)

Former terrorist gave false details for wedding

Brazilian judge takes passport off Battisti (3)

Brasilia, April 17 - A Brazilian judge has taken away Cesare Battisti's passport and imposed other restrictive measures on the Italian former leftwing terrorist over accusations he provided a false address when he married his Brazilian wife. He has been forbidden from leaving the Cananeia district and from being out of his home after 22:00 and he must also sign in once a month with the local authorities. Battisti's wife Joice Lima is also subject to the restrictions. Italy is trying to have Battisti extradited to serve two life terms for the four murders committed in the 'Years of Lead' of rightist and leftist terror. Last month, the Brazilian Federal Prosecution Office appeared to open the road for that in an opinion sent to the Supreme Federal Court (STF), rejecting the assertion of Battisti's defence team that the decree impeding his extradition signed by ex-president Luis Ignacio Lula Da Silva could not amended by current President Michel Temer. Battisti, 63, was arrested in October when he was stopped from entering Bolivia in a taxi, amid reports Temer had decided to lift his political-refugee status, granted by former Lula in 2010. He was subsequently released, pending a ruling. Battisti, a former member of the Armed Proletarians for Communism (PAC) group, said he was not trying to flee.

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